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Kimberly T. Millionaire
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Kimberly T. Millionare

Kimberly is a published author, professional content editor, ghostwriter, online course developer and multi-passionate creative entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the publishing industry.

Kimberly T. Matthews-

An EXCELLENT Dance Ministry Starts with YOU!

Are you ready to bring your dance ministry out of the rut of:

- Non committed members
- Boring choreography
- Battling the spirit of competition
- Poorly attended, unproductive practices
- Limited creativity
- Mediocre ministry

And want to learn how to manage, grow and develop an amazing and anointed ministry that reaches and ministers to people?

Enroll in The Dance Ministry Manual Online Workshop and take your dance ministry from under-developed to AMAZING for God's glory!

The Dance Ministry Manual - A Master Class - developed specifically for Leaders!

This Master Class workshop comes to YOU! The Dance Ministry Manual Training Program is a 4-week online program comprised of bible-based, comprehensive, online video modules combined with downloadable worksheets and a full and complete workbook that allow YOU to take ownership of the development of your ministry team, and lead them to excellence.

YOU be the leader. We'll show you how.

How it works:

When you enroll, you will have IMMEDIATE access to our online training modules so that you can get started on the course right away. New modules are released weekly for 4 weeks, and consist of easy-to-follow videos and downloadable worksheets to support each lesson. All of the training is contained in the private area of the participant site and is for enrolled participants only. The training is self-paced, so there is no way you can fall behind.

Included with enrollment, participants can connect with other ministry leaders in an exclusive Facebook group to compare notes, ask questions and virtually fellowship. Plus, enrolled students have life-time access to the course material. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to shift your priorities. No worries! You can complete the course at your own pace, and retake or revisit the modules when ever you need to, as long as the program exists.


The Dance Ministry Manual Training Program allows YOU to take ownership of the development of your ministry team, and lead them to excellence.

The core curriculum is based on biblical principles and examples, presented to you first online, then supports you with downloadable documents and a printed Leader's Guide, allowing you to to deliver quality development to your ministry team. It is the ultimate program to start, enhance, and/or maintain an excellent dance ministry.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Recognize God as the Master and Creator of the performing arts
  • Understand what the dance ministry is and is not
  • Develop strategies to enhance your choreography
  • Define excellence for your team
  • Avoid getting caught up in competition
  • Develop a well-rounded team
  • A solid audition process that can help you grow your team
  • Facilitate dynamic and productive rehearsals
  • How to engage and stretch your creativity
  • The importance of facial expressions
  • The artistry of Mime
  • Enhance your expressions in movement
  • Effectively utilize props
  • How to assess your ministering performances
  • Develop your own style and strategy for conveying your learning to your own dance ministry

Modules come with downloadable "Dance Docs" which are worksheets that help you apply applying your learning, take notes, document scriptures and strategize facilitating training to your team. Once you complete the course material you will be well equipped to facilitate your own workshops to your dance members and other churches in your community.


"This teaching is informative and eye opening! It helped us to identify and better utilize the gifts in our dancers. It has pushed us to challenge our limits and refreshed our creativity. [It] will breath new life into your ministry!" - Charmaine Gordon, Chosen Remnants Ministries - Fayetteville, NC

"Kim Matthew's Praise Workshop/Manual helped our Praise Dancers tremendously. We were revamping our Praise Dance Ministry; I called on Kim and she helped us out so much. It breaks everything down from what praise dance ministry is to clothing/garments. Her manual is such a great guide for ALL ministries, nationally and internationally." - LaShonda Hanzy, Praise Dance Minister and Leader, Hebron Cornerstone Church

"I have had the wonderful pleasure to utilize the "Dance Covenant" of Kimberly Matthews. . . . Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing your vision of excellence in dance ministry and Godly preparation concerning movement." - Co-Pastor Alicia Dudley, Founder/Director, Harmonious Voices for Christ Praise Dance Company

It's not for everyone . . .

If you have a well-established ministry with fully developed, effective and functional processes, and you are content with your level of ministry service, this program is not for you.

If you are looking to develop mesmerizing dance technique this training is NOT for you because it is not physically focused. While there are LOTS of activities built into the training, and even physical exercises you can implement and take to your team, this is not a technique class.

If you are looking for a program with the fanfare of a formal graduation ceremony and diploma, this program is not for you. Because the training is self-paced and there is no demand for your to turn in course work, or attend calls and/or make arrangement to attend any live event, we cannot assess if you actually completed all assignments.

If you are only interested in a traditional workshop that provides you with a few tips, a little choreography, and a large focus on an end-of-program concert, this training is not for you. The training focuses on intrinsic development and practices for your team, from structuring it so that it will function efficiently to ministering in excellence.

YOU can take YOUR dance ministry to the next level! Just enroll TODAY and get started right away!


Course Contents

19 Videos
13 Texts
37 PDFs
1 Presentation

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