Kimberly T. Millionaire is a several times published novelist, speaker, content editor, ghostwriter and literary agent and online content creator. Her debut novel, Promise You Won't Tell Nobody, was self-published in 1997, and is listed as recommended reading by Love our Children USA, the leading national nonprofit and ‘Go-To’ prevention organization fighting all forms of violence and neglect against children in the United States. Kimberly achieved national publication attention in 2006 with her third novel, The Perfect Shoe, a romantic comedy which was once ranked as the number one African American Romance novel on Since that time, she has released nine other titles and has published a number of nationally syndicated articles in a number of forums including The Huffington Post and Yahoo! Associate Writers Network.

Kimberly has been the featured guest all over the nation on various author panels with best-selling authors such as Kimberla Lawson Roby, Jacquelin Thomas, Carl Weber and Mary Morrison. She’s signed books and shared evenings with book club members and events, and has appeared on both radio shows and television programs. Her works have been nominated for several African American fiction awards, and she has served as a judge in various writing contests.

Kimberly has assisted several writers achieve their dream of becoming published authors through her agency Kissed Publications and Literary Agency. With 21 years of industry experience and contacts, she offers one-on-one consultative services to aspiring authors, providing solid advice and guidance to writers seeking to launch into the rewarding field of writing.

Kimberly is the founder, creator and author of The Dance Ministry Manual Training Program and has been leading dance and movement ministry worship for over 20 years. Kimberly's mission is to help other dance ministries realize their greatest potential and use their ministry gifts to make a positive impact on the world. She's been recognized across several platforms for the level of excellence she and the teams she oversees exude in dance ministry. One of her most notable works currently, is A Crazy Worship, a mime presentation featuring the voice of her pastor, Bishop Felton Hawkins, with music by Shekinah Glory. The presentation has been duplicated and modified several times over by a number of dance/mime ministries across the country. In addition to founding The Dance Ministry Manual Training Program, Kimberly is a several-times published author, literary agent and is the founder and owner of KPLA Publishing and Consulting at

Kimberly has been featured in:


  •  Promise You Won’t Tell Nobody
  •  Fruit of My Womb
  •  Journey to a Blissful Life (Contributing Author)
  •  The Perfect Shoe
  •  Ninety-Nine and a Half Just Won’t Do
  •  Before I Let Go
  •  A Little Hurt Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody
  •  Good Money
  •  Get It and Get It Again
  •  Spoonin’
  •  Spoonful of Sugar
  •  Bubblin’ Brown Sugar
  •  Lisa's Dress
  •  101 Easy Ways to Lose a Good Man
  •  A Fool and Her Honey
  • The Dance Ministry Manual (Leader's and Participant Guides) 
  • Color, Pray, Heal Adult Coloring Book
  • Life Quotes to Live By
  • Several journals and planners